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DynamiCities, Lisa Borgiani, Massimo Nidini - GalaItalia 2011



DynamiCities, Lisa Borgiani, Massimo Nidini - GalaItalia 2011

Born in Verona, Lisa Borgiani and Massimo Nidini are contemporary Italian artists, blending the two types of media to create their photopainting works. Their works have been exhibited in numerous international art fairs, New York Art Expo, 20|21 London Art Fair, Art Singapore Fair, Innsbruck Art Fair, Dubai Index Fair, The Affordable Art Fair London, Shanghai World Expo 2010, in Italian and overseas art galleries, often in liaison with the local Italian Cultural Institutes. In November 2010 they presented their new project "Dreaming Crystals on Duisburg" in Essen, European Capital of Culture 2010. The art project "The Third Eye" is an official part of the TWINS.2010 project program within RUHR.2010 in Essen. They also collaborate with American Universities to research and develop 3D animation using their works. In 2009 the collaboration with Prof. Carlo Pelanda marked the beginning of a new artistic journey. "Italia verticale", a work created for the cover of his latest book "Formula Italia" and symbol of the exhibition "Dynamic Cities", hosted at the Italian Cultural Institute in London in March 2010, creates a new way of seeing, photographing and "building" new cities: the journey originates via the overlapping of cities in motion, modern and ancient architecture, out of focus, merged together, cities that melt together in search of a new identity. The project continues with a vertical futuristic vision, symbol of an awakening evolution, innovation, speed, like a hidden impetus towards proudly rebuilding our future. The speed of the photopainting reminds one of the moment-motion in which we act, think and create, in acceleration. It is the symbol of the power of progress, of a harmonious fast-moving equilibrium, confidently looking towards the future. It is a challenge against the static, a transformation, the drive to live so as to change for the better; it is the interpretation of verticality as an architectural and conceptual elevation. ______________________________________________ GALA ITALIA REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS PLEASE READ CAREFULLY To register for the GALA ITALIA on February 10, 2011 go to: and follow the instructions. When prompted, enter the following code (case-sensitive): j7yx51 Please make sure to print and save the PAYPAL RECEIPT of the registration/contribution and bring it to the GALA ITALIA reception desk on the 6th floor. The invitation is personal and non-transferable, only the person who receives the invitation can register. People who register but are not on our list will not be admitted. Check in at the proper desk (the desks with the letter corresponding to the the first letter of your LAST NAME). A hostess will check the PAYPAL RECEIPT and will give you a name badge and a plastic coated non-removable bracelet. Wear the bracelet, attach the name badge to your suit/dress and walk to the entrance. Please note that the hotel security guard will ONLY admit guests who are wearing the bracelets. If you do not present the PAYPAL RECEIPT you will be asked to pay a contribution for admission of $120.00. Your name will be placed in a drawing for a Vespa scooter, four one-week stays in Italy and other prizes (see the Gala catalog for drawing details).


Date: Thursday, February 10, 2011