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BREATH OF FREEDOM -Matteo Pugliese



BREATH OF FREEDOM  -Matteo Pugliese

Bertrand Delacroix Gallery is thrilled to announce Matteo Pugliese‘s highly anticipated major solo exhibition, Breath of Freedom. The Italian sculptor is known internationally for his muscular bronze men emerging from walls in unexpected, fragmented pieces, a series the artist has named Extra Moenia (outside the walls). Pugliese’s debut US solo exhibition will present new works as well as the final pieces from several sold-out editions, saved exclusively for this show. In addition to his dramatic male nudes, the collection will include pieces from The Guardians, his ambitious bronze and terracotta warrior series. Although vastly diverse in size and subject matter, his sculptures consistently return to the themes of strength, power, movement, tension and limits. Although classical in their defined musculature Pugliese’s powerful Extra Moenia sculptures are wholly contemporary in the contorted positions and broken up presentation. The expressive works are innovative in the relationship to their surroundings; the blank walls on which they are installed become crucial to the viewer’s visual experience. Born in Milan in 1969, Pugliese developed a strong love for drawing and sculpting while living in Sardinia with his family as a child. In 2001, without any formal arts training, he rented a private space in the center of Milan where he organized and financed his first solo exhibition. Only 18 months later, he held his first “official” exhibition in a gallery in Milan, and just months later, he held another solo show in Brussels. Today, his works are on display in galleries in major cities throughout the world,


Date: Thursday, November 05, 2015

Entrance : Free