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Calibro 10 - Il decalogo del crimine



Calibro 10 - Il decalogo del crimine

SCREENING OF "CALIBRO 10" WITH, IN PERSON, ACTOR FRANCO NERO AND PRODUCER RAFFAELE ALBERTO. "Keeping together a family is difficult. You need eyes that can see, ears that know how to listen, everywhere. It takes intelligence and feeling, but above all you need rules. The rules." It 'a line from the movie "Calibro 10" by Massimo Ivan Falsetta, on the Ten Commandments of Cosa Nostra. The film sees the return of internationally acclaimed Italian actor Franco Nero. The World Premiere of "Calibro 10” has been at the Los Angeles Film Fest on February,19 and it is now presented in New York City. According to the producer, the Italian-American entrepreneur Raffaele Alberto, this film gives a new perspective on a form of delinquency that reinterprets the Ten Commandments to serve itself. With the direction and photography of the award-winning director Massimo Ivan Falsetta “Calibro 10- Il decalogo del crimine” (full title of the film in Italian) makes the most of the idea of “Italian pulp.” Falsetta was born in Catanzaro 37 years ago, He then moved to Rome, were he collaborated with Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, taking his first steps on some movie sets and advertising, with famous directors including Giuseppe Tornatore. Pioggia a Pois (2008) his award winning movie, has been presented in several prestigious international film festival like the first edition of I've seen di Los Angeles-Milano and Cannes 2008.


Date: Sunday, November 15, 2015

Entrance : Free