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TRANSATLANTICO Emanuele Tozzi - CD Release Concert



TRANSATLANTICO Emanuele Tozzi - CD Release Concert

Emanuele Tozzi - CD Release Concert For "Transatlantico" Emanuele Tozzi brings a modernistic touch of the Old World to New York City. His sound has been likened to a “Fellini soundtrack highlighted with chocolate notes,” combining jazz with fragments of traditional classic Italian melodies – Roma Cinecittà by way of the Manhattan Bridge. This concert celebrates the release of Tozzi’s sophomore effort, “TRANSATLANTICO.” The original Transatlanticos were large passenger vessels that carried European immigrants to America in the 1900s, bringing them closer to their dream and the music in their hearts. This album is a salute and a wink to the free-flowing artistic self-expression inherent in Tozzi’s sound and signified in those personal voyages. Emanuele Tozzi is a composer/pianist/filmmaker born in Abruzzo, Italy. Songwriting was an instinctive endeavor since the age of seven and he studied music extensively, most notably at Scuola Civica di Jazz in Milano and under Oscar winner Nicola Piovani. He has won numerous awards for both his songwriting and filmmaking and has performed for such luminaries as former Pope John Paul II, Colin Powell, and Bill Clinton and worked for international artists, most notably Placido Domingo with Maurizio Fabrizio. Tozzi has played in eminent performance spaces worldwide. Since 2011, his home base has been East Harlem, NYC. Emanuele Tozzi will share the stage with the artistic talent of Yorgos Maniatis, Andrea Veneziani, Jason Vitelli, Nicoletta Manzini, and Allison Seidner. For further news about Emanuele Tozzi visit his website


Date: Saturday, January 23, 2016

Entrance : Free