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ANDREA VITERBI - Reflections of an Educator, Researcher and Entrepreneur



ANDREA VITERBI - Reflections of an Educator, Researcher and Entrepreneur

Andrew Viterbi in conversation with Maria Teresa Cometto.

Presentation of Andrew Viterbi’s memoir Reflections of an Educator, Researcher and Entrepreneur (CPL Editions, Memoirs & Biographies series, 2016). In his book the author examines his life in America as an immigrant child, his success as a scientist and businessman and the principles that inspired his most decisive choices. Dedicated to the memory of both his father Achille and his son Alexander, this memoir reconstructs the course of his career at a time in which technology played a major role in a radical reshaping of the world’s economy and society.

Attuned to the post-war growing technological needs of government and population, Viterbi and his colleagues began to work in an area where scientific research and capitalistic enterprise could support one another. His main contribution to science, the Viterbi Algorithm, found application in different fields, ultimately leading up to the co-founding of Qualcomm, which became one of the most important communication companies worldwide.

Andrew Viterbi was born in Bergamo and fled to the United States with his family following the promulgation of the racial laws. He developed the Viterbi algorithm as a way to decode convolutionally encoded data, which enables cellular technology and has applications in many fields. A graduate of MIT, he has been a professor at the School of Engineering and Applied Science at UCLA and UC San Diego, and is now Professor Emeritus. Among many awards he received is the National Medal of Science from the President of the United States.

Maria Teresa Cometto is a journalist and award-winning author based in New York. Since 2000 she has been covering business and high-tech for Corriere della Sera, the leading Italian daily, and other important periodicals.


Date: Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Time: From 6:00 pm To 8:00 pm

Organized by : IIC

Entrance : Free