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A multi-instrumentalist, expert in Mediterranean music and director of international ensembles, Stefano Saletti is one the founder of the Banda Ikona, along with the vocalist Barbara Eramo and the drummer and percussionist Giovanni Lo Cascio. For this concert they will be joined by the Iranian musician Pejman Tadayon (ney, sethar, daf).

Many of their original compositions are sung in Sabir, a lingua franca used by sailors, pirates, fishermen, merchants and ship-owners in Mediterranean ports to communicate with one another: from Genoa to Tangiers, from Salonika to Istanbul, from Marseilles to Algiers, from Valencia to Palermo, still in use until the early decades of the twentieth century. This form of sea-faring Esperanto developed, in time, from languages like Spanish, Italian, French and Arabic.

Saletti and Eramo have traveled with their music from Lampedusa to Istanbul, from Tangier to Lisbon to Jaffa, Sarajevo and Ventotene and in all these places they have recorded sounds and noises, radio, voices, sound spaces. Starting from this material they have composed a sound fresco that tells the difficult dialog between the north and the south shore of the Mediterranean Sea, the tragedies of the migrants, the wealth, the hopes, the suffering that cross the "roads" of the Mediterranean, sung, as always, in Sabir, the language of the sea and of a possible communication.

The result is a fascinating Mediterranean folk-world music, of mixed origins, a rich combination of rhythms and melodies, suggestive and colorful.

After the success of the previous CD "Folkpolitik" (dedicated to the songs of freedom), they released their fourth discographic work (played with the Band Ikona), entitled Soundcity. The CD has obtained great international visibility placing, for three months, n.4 of the World Music Charts Europe, and beeing nominated CD of the month by the important English magazine FolfRoots, in June 2016.


Date: Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Time: From 6:00 pm To 8:00 pm

Organized by : ICI

Entrance : Free


Italian Cultural Institute of New York