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Maurizio Vecchione: The Other Side of the Curve



Maurizio Vecchione: The Other Side of the Curve

IIC Webinar Series
A joint presentation of the Italian Cultural Institute of New York and the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles

As an ideal and "virtual" continuation of the “Sustainability & Italian Innovation” series, originally planned for the Institute's normal programming, journalist Maria Teresa Cometto hosts a conversation with Maurizio Vecchione, Executive VP for Global Good & Research, Intellectual Ventures Global Good Fund.

Registration required: Click here for details
The webinar will also be available on the Institute's Facebook page

Maria Teresa Cometto is a journalist and award-winning author based in New York. Since 2000 she has been covering business and high-tech for Corriere della Sera, the leading Italian daily, and writing for other important magazines.

Maurizio Vecchione has extensive experience in dealing with science discovery in infective diseases around the world, and his work with the Global Good Fund and others has been pioneering new technologies and data science approaches to infective disease diagnostics, immunotherapies as well as the data science surrounding novel approaches to healthcare with Artificial Intelligence and Bio-informatics. He will share, in a fireside chat, his personal thoughts on what the “other side of the curve” might look like from both the prospective of challenges still ahead, and the enduring changes the pandemic is likely to spawn.


Date: Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Organized by : ICI

Entrance : Free