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Italy Cooks and Tells: Local Aromas -International Week of Italian Cuisine



Italy Cooks and Tells: Local Aromas  -International Week of Italian Cuisine

In this unprecedented time of non-events, we all had to reconsidered and re-discovered how teaching is important and what extraordinary values it can cultivate through online classes. On the occasion of the International Week of Italian Cuisine, it is more than appropriate to apply these ideas to food & wine, and we have partnered with Italian and American food educators to bring you some of the best cooking experiences available today, both as a virtuous surrogate for not being able to travel and an opportunity to partake new community bonds.

Join us, on Tuesday November 17 at 5pm EST, for the the first of these “classes” and meet Rome-based foodie sisters Benedetta and Valeria Bianchini, and their online cooking school, Local Aromas. Through a webinar conversation and video-clips, Local Aromas will bring to the table traditional Roman dishes, stories, ingredients, and a touch of humor.



Local Aromas is a family business run by the Bianchini family in Rome.  Foodie Sisters Benedetta and Valeria gradually embraced their true passions. Benedetta is a wine sommelier, an olive oil sommelier, and a professional cheese taster. Valeria is a trained pastry chef.

"At some point, we realized that our passion and knowledge for Italy’s food and wine were so strong that we just couldn’t keep them to ourselves. That is when we decided, as a family, to create our company, Local Aromas."


Date: Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Time: From 5:00 pm To 6:00 pm

Entrance : Free


Online Event New York - Rome