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N.I.C.E. Festival USA 2020 - 30° edition



N.I.C.E. Festival USA 2020 - 30° edition

N.I.C.E. Festival USA 2020 - 30° edition  / In streaming on


As for past editions N.I.C.E. Festival USA confirms the tendency to be a festival on the move, with the constant of making new Italian directors known abroad.
The festival features courageous and innovative works that convey important messages of particular artistic quality, reflecting the new trends of Italian cinema. There are films on human rights, dramas, movies on social or adolescent unease, on crime and corruption, but also comedies capable, with the power of irony, of addressing some the difficult problems of today's society.

Screenings and talks are organized with the support of the Consulate General of Italy in New York and in collaboration with the long-time partners of NICE: Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò NYU, Italian Cultural Institute of New York, Princeton University - Department of French and Italian, Penn Cinema Studies - University of Pennsylvania and Maysles Documentary Center in Harlem.

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The following documentaries, in particular, are supported and presented by the Italian Cultural Institute:

  • Cinecittà- I mestieri del cinema. Bernardo Bertolucci: No End Travelling.

Directed by: Mario Sesti

Synopsis - Mario Sesti, the director, met Bernardo Bertolucci several times for conversations published, he made video interviews with him in the DVD of Bertolucci films like The Sheltering Sky e The Dreamers. After having recalled these meetings, which happened during more than 30 years, the film shows, for the first time, the last conversation Sesti has had with Bertolucci. It took place about a year ago as part of a series dedicated to Cinema’ s Job. The great director tells of the early success among international film critics and the admiration toward his films of the new american directors of the seventies. He recalls the adventure of choosing Marlon Brando for Last Tango in Paris and the fabulous night of the Academy Awards won by The Last Emperor. The film explores great moments of his whole biography and unforgettable career with serene nostalgia and touching feelings.

Mario Sesti (Messina 1958) Critic-journalist and director, Mario Sesti hosts a television program on film and culture at large on Iris (Splendor - Suoni e Visioni). He has directed over ten documentaries selected for festivals such as Cannes, Venice, Locarno and Torino. He has twice won an award for the best book about film for his Nuovo Cinema Italiano in 1994 and his Tutti i film di Pietro Germi in 1997). In 2005 he won the Diego Fabbri Award for best film-related book of the year In quel film c'è un segreto. Sesti is a curator of the Rome Film Fest and directed the Taormina Film Fest from 2012 to 2014. He co-wrote the screenplay for the films Appassionate (1999) and Cosa c'entra con l'amore (1997); for the latter he was awarded the Solinas Prize, together with Ivan Cotroneo and Silvia Barbiera.


  • Two Forgotten Boxes- A trip to Vietnam / Due Scatole Dimenticate - Un Viaggio in Vietnam

Directed by: Cecilia Mangini, Paolo Pisanelli


Sinopsy: - "It's the photographs that remind me of things because I'm losing my memory. I didn't remember these two boxes. And then I took them, I opened them, I started looking at the auditions and there were things I couldn't remember anymore and instead they came back to me because photography recovers time, recovers space, recovers sensations , recover everything." Cecilia Mangini. The making of a short-film that starts with the discovery of two lost boxes represents the spark for the fire of memory, a fire helpful to remember and find the signs of what we have lived.

Cecilia Mangini (1927, Italy) is an Italian writer, photographer and filmmaker. Beginning her career as a film critic for publications such as Cinema Nuovo, Cinema '60 and L'Eco del cinema, she began her career as a filmmaker in collaboration with her husband, Lino Del Fra, and Pier Paolo Passolini. Over the last six decades, Mangini has made work that covers social and political issues from abortion to class struggles. She has spent the last part of her life as an activist fighting pollution produced by the Italian iron and steel industries.

Paolo Pisanelli (1965, Italy), is an Italian photographer and filmmaker. He started out working as a photojournalist and stage photographer; in 1997 he took his career in a new direction when he became a documentary filmmaker. He is the founder and artistic director of Cinema del Reale, an annual audiovisual festival in Salento. He has received prizes and awards from national and international film festivals.


Date: Da Wednesday, November 18, 2020 a Saturday, November 21, 2020

Entrance : Free