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Per Italiani


Per Italiani

Fulbright Commission for the Cultural Exchange between Italy and the United States

The Fulbright Program grants Fulbright scholarships on an annual basis to Italian and US citizens for the cultural and professional exchange of teaching staff. The scholarships are reserved for graduates of Italian nationality and are offered to those wishing to attend postgraduate specialization courses (graduate study), carry out research projects (as a research scholar) or take on teaching posts (as a lecturer) at universities in the United States.

Applicants to scholarships to study in Italy may contact the Fulbright Commission in Italy (Rome) at the following address:
Commissione per gli Scambi Culturali fra l'Italia e gli Stati Uniti
Servizio Informazioni
Via Castelfidardo, 8
00185 Roma
tel. 06-4888211, fax 06-4815680