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A “rigor” that forces space to become a thing, rather than for things to fill space. There is an intellectual depth and philosophical conception, and it could be argued that this is a new beginning, which is inspired by the rigor of the forms and the relationship with space, hence Rigorism. Choices and dictates do not preclude, however, the explosion of the ego of the artist. There is no trace of seriality, cold running or stiffness, but makes the sensitivities of the different artists and their personalities stand out immediately. The canvas is bent and shaped on a precise idea, which manifests itself in different ways depending on the hand that has created it: the charm of the artists chosen is just that, to find out how each personality behind the canvas, behind the protrusions and recesses, behind the color or no color, and how each of them finds himself and his emotions. The Galleria Arte Centro Lattuada has selected seventeen artists, that have decided to take on a challenge that would be proposed with the stamp of a more radical rigor.


Data: Gio 5 Feb 2015

Ingresso : Libero