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Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Death Penalty By Mario Marazziti



Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Death Penalty By Mario Marazziti

The Panel Discussion will be moderated by: Paolo Mastrolilli (Correspondent, La Stampa)

A Book Presentation

Italian legislator Mario Marazziti, will present his book Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Death Penalty, just published in English by Seven Stories Press. Ideally building on a tradition of political thinking and activism against the death penalty that can be traced back to 1764 Dei delitti e delle pene by Cesare Beccaria --an Enlightenment text well-known in post-Revolutionary U.S. and cherished among others by Thomas Jefferson-- Marazziti weaves together strands of reportage, research and personal narrative that benefit from his years at the forefront of the struggle against capital punishment as the spokesperson for the Rome-based progressive Catholic NGO Community of Sant'Egidio. The result is a soulful reflection, both moving and highly informative, on the profound inhumanity and irrationality of the death penalty, where the author manages to show the vast numbers of people impacted by this cruel practice and why the stakes are high not only for those on Death Row but for us all. "Marazziti's book is a deeply moving and cogently argued account of why an abominable practice, the death penalty, should be abolished. It dehumanizes those who use it. Its mistakes cannot be corrected."— Archbishop Desmond Tutu "You WANT to read 13 Ways of Looking at the Death Penalty! Not only for its superb, well-crafted content, but because of its unique, colorful (very), amazing mover-&-shaker of an author whose friend I am proud to be. On the global scene no one has worked closer with me to abolish the death penalty than this man. These words are forged in fire!"—Sister Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking Mario Marazziti co-founded the World Coalition against the Death Penalty in 2002. In 2012, he was elected to the Lower House of Parliament in Italy, where his main interest is human-rights. He is the author of several books and a regular contributor for the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.


Data: Ven 10 Apr 2015

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