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Exhibit Opening-Minimal devices of multisensory reanimation



Exhibit Opening-Minimal devices of  multisensory reanimation

Daniele Puppi

For the annual Gotham Prize, Daniele Puppi winner for the 2015 edition, is proposing his works on “Re-animated Cinema” a body of works the artist has been elaborating since 2011. The works have been exposed internationally during the last few years (Italy 2011 and 2012, Miami 2011, Australia 2013, France 2013 and 2014, London 2014). Using old editing monitors or hypertechnological sound screens, Puppi multiplies the point of origin of the cinematographic image, in a play of evidences and subtractions that redefine the original into something that is indefinable. The sound also becomes the object of a deep postproduction by the artist, through effects, amplifications and repetitions that highlight the role of sound as a physical presence in the space. A multiplication of the filmic and the sonic experience in which images and sounds, decomposed and projected, generate a totally new experience where the viewer is absorbed into an expanded cinema where the space of the projection becomes an essential part of the relation with the work. Daniele Puppi is amongst the most exciting Italian artists of his generation. He belongs to a tradition of twentieth century European art, which can be traced through Burri, Manzoni, Klein and Fontana, that utilises the elements of the everyday and participates in the world in order to restore the dynamic of the world to itself. Puppi's work primarily consists of sound and video installations entitled “Fatiche” (Efforts). The Fatiche installations are all generated from a direct encounter with the physical space. For Puppi, the space is not a neutral place that hosts the work of the artist, but the tangible, concrete material from which the work emerges and takes form. Utilising his understanding of spatial proportions and harmonics, Puppi's work transforms the elements of the architectural surroundings into an expanded multi sensory experience, subverting conventional notions of time and space in the process. Daniele Puppi (Pordenone, Italy 1970) graduated in fine arts at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma in 1996.


Data: Gio 28 Mag 2015

Ingresso : Libero