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IL DEMONE DI MEZZOGIORNO – the noon demon 2015



IL DEMONE DI MEZZOGIORNO – the noon demon 2015

OFFICIAL SELECTION at New York City International Film Festival Synopsis: In this age that wildly devoures everything, THE NOON DEMON offers to the public a non-place to let go, breathe deep, do not expect or be forced to figure it all out. Dream images, sudden awakenings, reality, flashes of adrenaline, voices that merge for a while, memories. Through an inner story, a dry-eyed drama that tightens out silence and of expand on substantive views. The characters are hiding a dark side, which may arise or be driven back into the darkness leaving them forever maimed. Life revolves on itself, boiling or stagnating in a succession of events that sometimes seem to manifest clearly. Actually instead, often the motivations and internal textures elude us. The Film Makers: THE NOON DEMON is the result of close collaboration between the artists Pierfranco Zappareddu, Stella Sollai and Marco Rocca. It’s difficult to draw the roles that each of them has held during the making of the film because every aspect has been analyzed jointly, intersecting the specific skills of each one looking for a uniform aesthetic. Stella Sollai, artistic director in the organization of events, concerts and theatre, shares a long collaboration with the company Domus De Janas Teatro and theater director Zappareddu as assistant director. She also produced and promoted various projects of digital art by Rocca. Thanks to this, she conceived the project of contamination of expressive language contained in the film THE NOON DEMON in which flows the theatrical experience of Zappareddu merging with the audiovisual research of Rocca. No coincidence that, in addition to co-direct the film, she followed mainly the executive production. Pierfranco Zappareddu, recently deceased, was dedicated to theater from an early age. He signed countless productions in Sardinia before moving to OdinTeatret in Denmark. He founded his own company Domus de Janas Teatro, with whom he moved to Barcelona. His works have been represented throughout Europe, reviewed enthusiastically by major newspapers, and appreciated by influential theater critics. In 2010 Zappareddu sign his first film directing with the feature film Distanze and also this work is a result of the collaboration with Sollai and Rocca. THE NOON DEMON is his latest work and represents his artistic legacy. The productions of Marco Rocca (aka mar.core), are difficult to be reduced to a limited area. Musician, composer and video maker, his research uses the expressive means in a dialectical interchange focused on the evocative aspects merging from the work. The process of de-contextualization and re-contextualization of acoustic, visual and textual samplings, have been developed on a reduction of the use of the over-structural reference of the languages. In agreement with the statements of Carmelo Bene about signifier and meaning, these factors are considered by mar.core as "polluting" the emotional flow. Official Web Site: Trailer:

il demone di mezzogiorno_trailer_ the noon demon from coolizard_mar.core on Vimeo.


Data: Mar 5 Mag 2015

Ingresso : Libero