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"Nudging" di Riccardo Viale- Presentazione libro



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Human Behavior and Embodied Cognition to Promote Individual and Public Wellbeing

di Riccardo Viale 


Vittorio Gallese

Varun Gauri

Cristina Bicchieri




Riccardo Viale is Full Professor of Behavioral Sciences and Cognitive Economics at the Department of Economics of the University of Milan Bicocca and at LUISS, Rome. President of Behavioral Insights Bicocca and Co-Director of the Master “Nudge and Public Policy”. Early in his career he was Nato Fellow at Balliol College, Oxford University, Research Scholar at Italian Academy of Columbia University, at Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin and at Chinese Academy of Science, Bejing. He was European Research Council reviewer and panel member of Mind and its Complexity Consolidator Grants. He is currently Head of Italy Behavioral Insights Team at Prime Minister Department of Civil Service. Founder and Secretary General of Herbert Simon Society. Editor in Chief of Mind & Society (Nature-Springer). Author of many books and publications including the Handbook on Bounded Rationality (Routledge, 2021) and “Nudging” (The MIT Press, 2022).

His previous empirical research was in category-based induction, conjunction fallacy, vague predicates and deductive reasoning in science. Recent empirical research is on social norm nudging and behavioral design in public policy and public administration. His theoretical research focuses on the cognitive foundation of the methodology of social sciences, by the proposal of the theory of “Methodological Cognitivism”; on the introduction of the concept of “Cognitive Economics” to overcome the failures of behavioral economics; and on the wide embodied dimension of bounded rationality. In particular his critique is to the influence of SEU model to the development of the cognitive psychology of decision making and his proposal is to focus on the wide embodied dimension of problem solving and action by the introduction of the concept of enactive problem-solving.


Data: Mar 14 Feb 2023

Orario: Dalle 18:00 alle 19:00

Organizzato da : IIC-NY

Ingresso : Libero


Istituto Italiano di Cultura - NY