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Sculptures of maestro Dionisio Cimarelli



Sculptures of maestro Dionisio Cimarelli

Maestro Dionisio boasts a wide international experience and is one of the most well known Italian sculptors exercising his artistic activity in China. After his first visit in 1986, he continued investigating, with passion and marked interest, the culture and art of this extraordinary country. The sculptures made in porcelain by Maestro Dionisio Cimarelli have been created in Jingdezhen, well known place for its production of porcelain. Dionisio Cimarelli is a contemporary art version of Marco Polo, criss-crossing and intertwining Chinese and Italian cultures, so things Chinese become Italian and things Italian become Chinese. In this sense Cimarelli takes his inspiration from his Chinese peers and combines it with that renowned sense of a delicate, sensitive, and refined Italian aesthetic often found in the ceramics of Richard Ginori in Florence. The arts of one country often inspire the arts of another country resulting in a redefining process as we have seen with much of our culture here in Japan inspired by China. Cimarelli achieves this redefining process with great amusing satire but also in exuberant celebration of the very long ties between Chinese and Italian cultures.


Date: Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Entrance : Free