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Language and Culture

Every year half a million students attend Italian language courses outside of Italy, across the world. Why do they do it?

Italian is a language of culture. Knowing it means having access to a literary heritage of fundamental importance for global history, gaining the opportunity to understand a tradition ranging from Dante to Galileo, from the Commedia dell’arte tocontemporary cinema, from opera to design.

Italian is a language of study. Scores of foreign students decide every year to enroll in Italian universities and academies, or visit Italian libraries and archives.

Italian is a language of work. Manager, investors, technicians, and other workers get regularly in touch with the Italian world of industry, technology, and services that spread from our country’s boundaries. Click on the following links to check for Courses and Masters, Borse di Studio (scholarships) and Scholarships offered trough the Institute.

For those wishing to deepen their knowledge of Italian civilization, the Institute will also give directions to immerse themselves in the different languages ​​that have accompanied the common and national one, making Italy the place of extraordinary polyphonic richness: from Latin (used poetically up to contemporary era), to the so-called “dialects”, which are not only languages ​​of local communication but languages ​​of art, rich of a thousand-year literary and cultural history. And we must not forget all the other national languages ​​- from Greek, to Albanian, to Catalan, to German – which are spoken in various parts of the Italian territory and contribute to its enchanting and complex variety.