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“Caro Pier Paolo” by Dacia Maraini – Book presentation

Dacia Maraini – in conversation with Ara Merjian, Professor of Italian Studies at NYU – to present Caro Pier Paolo, her latest book published by Neri Pozza, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Pier Paolo Pasolini; an intense correspondence between Dacia Maraini and her beloved friend Pier Paolo, who has long since passed away.

Dacia Maraini was one of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s closest friends and in these pages the writer weaves an intimate and sincere dialogue capable of prolonging and reviving a deep affection, nourished by esteem, artistic and cinematographic experiences, ideas and travels shared with Alberto Moravia and Maria Callas to discover the world and in particular Africa. In the letters to Pier Paolo that define the narrative architecture of the book, the dreams that manifest themselves as a space for confrontation play a central role, where memories emerge with energy and join the reflections that life, the thought and the suspended mystery of Pasolini’s death still inspire the author today.

Pier Paolo Pasolini is a cult author also for the younger generations. His was a life outside the box: for the strength of his arguments, non-conformism, homosexuality, passion for cinema, his militancy and that violent and dark death. A hundred years have passed since his birth, and almost fifty years since his death. Yet he is still alive, clear, among us, still capable of dividing and thrilling.


«Dear Pier Paolo, I have in mind a beautiful photograph of you, lonely as usual, walking, maybe running, on the dunes of Sabaudia, with the wind making your light coat flutter over your legs. The serious, thoughtful face, the bright eyes. Your body expressed something steadfast and painful. It was you, in all your terrible loneliness and depth of thought. Here I imagine you now like this, running on the dunes of a sky that is no longer hostile to you. ” – Dacia Maraini

“In this beautiful book, Caro Pier Paolo,  Dacia Maraini tears the veil that separates those who have lived and those who survive in the most direct way, which is that of the letter, or rather -to be more precise- letters, perhaps because not even the dead can be told everything at once, you need to renew the opportunities and catch your breath. ” – Emanuele Trevi, The Reading – The Corriere della Sera

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